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Looking for rp and...fanart!

Hey everyone,

I saw a few posts back someone asking for role play, so i think this is okay to post here? 

I would love to rp 1x1 in messenger. I want to play as Nishi, and I'm willing to role play with any of the [male] Gantz characters. I'll even play with oc's.

So yes, you guessed it...because I said "male", I'm looking for yaoi rp...but I require a lot of plot/story/build up in my games as well...so this would be something long-term.

A couple important notes, too...I play Nishi very dominate and sadistic. I rp him as seke, but he will not turn into a helpless little girl either.

The other note is my job: It is unpredictable. So that means I may go a week or two without rping at all, where as I could also go every night with continuing the role play.

I just have AIM right now, but I'm willing to download any other messenger.
AIM sn: Examination Time

Now...I don't come here empty handed, either. I bring you fanart of my favorite character :3

Nishi~ Warnings for giving the finger and he's...eating a hotdog.

Also, sorry for x-posting >.>;
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