Jeremy K. Lightstar (jlightstar) wrote in gantz,
Jeremy K. Lightstar

The first teaser trailer is up!

From ANN:

The first 00:31 trailer is up!

Update: Cast list ( meant to do this last night but trailer was lagging and I am new to this series so I don't know who's playing who...) + I consulted with ANN entry for the movie. I apologize if I spelled any names wrong. I wrote the names as they appeared on the trailer and ANN.

Kazunari Ninomiya - Kei Kurono
Kenichi Matsuyama - Masaru Kato
Yuriko Yoshitaka - Tae Kojima
Kanata Hongo - Joichiro Nishi
Natsuna - Kei Kishimoto
Takayuki Yamada - not listed yet
Kensuke Chisaka - Ayumu Kato
Shunya Shirai - Hiroto Sakurai
Tomoro Taguchi - Yoshikazu Suzuki

The first movie comes out January 2011 and the second movie is due out next spring.
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