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GANTZ community
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This community is for the manga/now also an anime, Gantz, originally by Hiroya Oku and now being made by Gonzo. The purpose of this community is to discuss, share stuff, and ask questions about Gantz. Just about anything goes as long as it's Gantz related.

Gantz is a mature manga/anime. This community will feature adult content, including (but not limited to) disturbing imagery, violence, gore, and nudity. No kiddies, please. Don't blame us if Gantz breaks your brain!

The manga and anime are getting harder to find now that it's been bought by ADV. But until either are actually released, mod croik is willing to pass stuff out. Contact me (pocroik on AIM, croikpotato@hotmail.com) so we can arrange for file send/you send it. Check the entry in memories for what I have.

The only rules are as such:

-Keep all posts relevant to Gantz, though talk about other violent manga similar to Gantz, or other Gonzo works, will be permitted to a degree.

-Don't be dicks. No flaming, no threats, no "GANTZ SUX!" You will get banned.

-Keep all spoilers tagged, as well as potentially offensive images (flying tits and the like). The anime is still really new, so if you follow the manga please don't spoil the newbies!


Your moderators are croik and mother. If you'd like to report any types of abuse or have any questions contact either via the programs/e-mails provided in their User Info. Do NOT bother them at their journals.