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[fic] this is so fucked up [11 Feb 2014|02:20am]

This community looks dead but I'm gonna post this here, anyway!

Title: This is So Fucked Up
Fandom: Gantz
Format: Oneshot
Rating: NC-17
Characters: Katou Masaru, Kurono Kei
Pairing/s: KatoKei

Disclaimer: I do not own Gantz, and this is much more gay than Gantz actually is.

Summary: PWP, in which Kei is sleeping and Masaru regrets ever offering his shoulder to lean on.

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SELLING. [26 Aug 2011|02:44am]

Hello! I have decided to sell my Gantz DVDs, seeing as I am low on cash these days. Pictures can be provided upon request, and I only take Paypal.

- Season 1 DVDs. 6 Discs, and I'll throw in the art box for the second season (though this one only holds 4 DVDs). 35$ shipped
- Season 2 thinpack. 30$ shipped

Buy both for 60$ shipped!
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Superiority = Inferiority (A Look at Shion Izumi) [18 Jul 2011|04:03pm]

Hey, new to the group here. I started following GANTZ last year and I loved it ever since. It's one of the craziest series I have ever read.

I wrote an article on Shion Izumi since I find him to be quite an interesting character. It's at: http://www.mangatherapy.com/post/7639124630/shion-izumi-gantz

It's just unfortunate that he won't be coming back at all.
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42 gantz icons [21 Feb 2011|03:36pm]

144 multi-fandom icons ☆
full metal panic!
gantz (warning: some blood/guro)
ghost trick
persona 3 & 4
puella magi madoka magica
tengen toppa gurren lagann

GET THEM HERE @ megapotions !!!
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02 GANTZ MOVIE ICONS + 66 MORE [09 Feb 2011|02:08pm]


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Looking for rp and...fanart! [05 Feb 2011|01:01am]

[ mood | nervous ]

Hey everyone,

I saw a few posts back someone asking for role play, so i think this is okay to post here? 

I would love to rp 1x1 in messenger. I want to play as Nishi, and I'm willing to role play with any of the [male] Gantz characters. I'll even play with oc's.

So yes, you guessed it...because I said "male", I'm looking for yaoi rp...but I require a lot of plot/story/build up in my games as well...so this would be something long-term.

A couple important notes, too...I play Nishi very dominate and sadistic. I rp him as seke, but he will not turn into a helpless little girl either.

The other note is my job: It is unpredictable. So that means I may go a week or two without rping at all, where as I could also go every night with continuing the role play.

I just have AIM right now, but I'm willing to download any other messenger.
AIM sn: Examination Time

Now...I don't come here empty handed, either. I bring you fanart of my favorite character :3

Nishi~ Warnings for giving the finger and he's...eating a hotdog.

Click~Collapse )

Also, sorry for x-posting >.>;

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And it's one, two, three... [03 Feb 2011|05:06pm]

1 ⇒ Vinland Saga
1 ⇒ MPD Psycho
1 ⇒ Katekyou Hitman Reborn!
1 ⇒ Berserk
1 ⇒ Wild Adapter
1 ⇒ 07-Ghost

∑ ⇒ 7 manga colourings

On the wrong side of the lee @ graphicsodomy
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Reminder Regal Hollywood 20 Sarasota, FL [20 Jan 2011|07:52am]

Sorry for not making this post any sooner but here's the details:

Where to meet up:

Panificio Catering
1703 Main Street
Sarasota, FL 34236
http://panificiousa.com/menu.html ( Menu)

I should be there around six pm EST. I will try to reserve a table for us.
Attendees should start arriving at seven pm EST to grab something to eat. Once we are finished, we will make our way to the movie theater. Look for a short guy with black glasses and a Bleach messenger bag. Hope to see you there!
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[28 Dec 2010|03:21pm]

hey guys, here to sell the entire first season of gantz in invidual DVDs + season 2 thinpack, all in great condtion

sorry for the crappy photo and extra stuff on my shelf, lmao.

i'm taking offers on this, i only ship within the US and i only accept paypal

thanks ♥
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A idea for " Gantz Day" One night only! [23 Dec 2010|06:47pm]

TrailerCollapse )


Read moreCollapse )
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Gantz the complete collection announced [14 Dec 2010|02:12am]


Release date 1/25/11


I will be picking up this edition since it's a four disc set.
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US Showings of 1st Live action Gantz movie [14 Dec 2010|02:02am]

The movie will premiere in the US on January 20,2011 The only states that do not have showing are Alaska, Mississippi,South Dakota, and Wyoming.

PDF file of Showings: http://www.newpeopleworld.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/EventTheatresReport_gantz.pdf



Do you think that we should consider doing a " Gantz Day" for the premiere? Thoughts, suggestions?
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[12 Dec 2010|08:37pm]


since there is an extreme lacking of kurono x kishimoto fanfic/art/etc, i was wondering if anyone wanted to do a psl (onexone) roleplay of the pairing with me? c:

literate, over aim/msn and i'd prefer to be kishimoto. thanks!
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Live Action Gantz movie will get US showings. [10 Dec 2010|01:19am]

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A bunch of Gantz Movie videos [07 Aug 2010|04:03am]


I just joined the group and I'm really happy to find a Gantz community =]
Gantz is awesome and I love it soooo much <3
Here are some videos related to the Gantz live action

Gantz in the Japan EXPO in France

Gantz movie Conference (2010.08.05)



1:08 Gantz movie Trailer

Main cast:

Kurono Kei - Ninomiya Kazunari (Tekkon Kinkreet, Letters from Iwo Jima)
Masaru Kato - Matsuyama Ken'ichi (Death Note, Zenshi Genba)
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Old news about the tv series [17 Jul 2010|07:13pm]

Read moreCollapse )
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The first teaser trailer is up! [17 Jul 2010|12:44am]

From ANN:

The first 00:31 trailer is up!


Cast ListCollapse )

The first movie comes out January 2011 and the second movie is due out next spring.
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55 icons. [16 Jul 2010|10:54pm]

[21] arakawa ub
[11] gantz
[23] gintama


here @ routledge.
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Go Film. [16 Jul 2010|07:06am]

29 ⇒ Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
20 ⇒ Saiyuki
20 ⇒ Vinland Saga
17 ⇒ 07-Ghost
   → 2 ⇒ headers
20 ⇒ GANTZ (100animanga challenge)
20 ⇒ Doushitemo Furetakunai

∑ ⇒ 126

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Gantz Scans [12 Jul 2010|05:10am]

I was just wondering if Gantz chapters are still being scanlated and released on the internet.  I can only find up to chapter 303 but I know the manga is up to like 320 in Japan.  I'm dying to know what's going on in the story so any help would be appreciated!
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